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Tank Trouble 5


Tank Trouble 5 - an updated version of the popular game about tanks is back. I have been waiting for this game for a long time but in fact there are not many changes if we compate it to the previous version. The developer added a lot of new maps as well as new power-ups for tanks that you will enjoy. Traditionally, the Tank Trouble 5 offers you an awesome multiplayer mode with up to 3 active players. It's the only game where 3 people can play at the same keyboard and fight with each other in the tank battlefield. There is also a single player mode where you play against Laika - a powerful player with a strong skills. Only few people manage to win a battle against Laika.

Tank Trouble 5 offers you new maps. Some of them are big enough to hide and wait for your enemy, while others are so small that everything ends in a few seconds. Try to be ready for fast decisions and don't be afraid to make a shot. If both players die it means that no one will get points. Hope you will spend great time playing Tank Trouble 5 at our website.